Shop FAQ

How long will it take to ship my dice?

That, my friend, is an excellent question. Let me get at least one launch under my belt and I'll have a better answer - in general, my goal is ASAP following an order.

How often is the store restocked?

Once again, answer is unclear! Wow, this Magic 8 ball is shitty. 

I will be working my best to have at least one restock per quarter. That being said, I am a single human with a full-time day job, so the real answer here is as often as I can. Keep an eye on my Instagram page for the most up-to-date information regarding new launches!

What is the difference between a standard set and a shelled set?

A standard set is going to be the smaller option, as it is a single pour that goes into their creation. Shelled sets consist of blank dice (no numbers) inside of larger shells (with numbers), and as a result are slightly larger than the standard sets. This is also why the costs are different.

What if I don't like my dice? Can I return them?

While that would make my little heart very sad, I will be happy to discuss a return with you if the dice are not delivered to your satisfaction. I will require that the dice are returned prior to a refund being processed, as running an online shop comes with no small number of horror stories regarding scam orders and each set is handmade by me with no small amount of care or effort.

Please send me a direct message or email if you want to return your dice and we can go from there.

Are the dice balanced?

Ah yes, every dicemaker's favorite question. Short answer - yes. While they may not hold up to the most scientific of gauntlets, they were made with precise measurements (shoutout to my engineer brother for that one) and hand-poured using techniques that eliminate bubbles or other issues that could cause your dice to roll unbalanced.

Compared to factory-made dice which regularly experience warping or contain bubbles within the body, handmade dice are a much safer bet when it comes to the question of balance.

That being said, if you're planning to use these dice to play with a DM who demands casino-level balancing, you might want to buy a casino-grade set (or find a new DM who has a little more room in their life for fun).

Can I commission a custom set of dice?

At the current moment, I am not accepting commissions. However, if you have a great idea for a set that you'd like to see me make, go ahead and send me a suggestion via my contact page! If I choose to make your design, I'll use the contact info provided there to reach out ahead of launch and let you know - that way, if you want the set, you'll have first dibs.